General information

  • Official Name: Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    Often, the country is known by the name of its most influential historical region or relevant, Holland, located in the western part of the country.
  • Language: Their language is Dutch.
    Frisian is a regional language spoken by more than 450,000 people in the province of Friesland, which is co-official with the Dutch.
  • Area: 41,526 km2
  • Capital: Amsterdam
  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.
  • King: Willem-Alexander
  • Prime Minister: Mark Rutte
  • Cities: Amsterdam. Rotterdam and The Hague.
  • National Days: April 27th (King's Day), May 5th (Liberation Day).
  • Currency: The euro.
  • Religion: 29% Catholic, 9% Dutch Reformed Church, 6% Dutch Protestant Church, 4% Reformed Church, 4% Muslim, 42% of the population doesn't belong to any religion,and 6% other.

Additional information