Travel documents

The procedure for obtaining the passport is personal. The Ecuadorian citizen must apply for his passport online and then approach the Consulate of Ecuador in The Hague, the Netherlands, to take his picture.

* Cost: € 81 euros.

* Passport delivery time, 5 weeks.

Important: As of June 15, 2021, only electronic passports will be issued. For the same reason, the applicant must go to the Consular Office located in The Hague on two occasions.

The first time, after validation and to take your photograph, and the second time for picking up and activation of the passport with the biometric data of the applicant.

Note: The third renewal of a passport of the same person, within 12 months has a cost of 216 euros, includes the cost of the passport plus the fine of 150 USD.


Before applying for your passport online you must have a digital copy of the first page with the personal details of your passport (or the affidavit in case of theft or loss) and a verification photo EXAMPLE


Present yourself with your passport at the Consulate. In case the passport has been stolen, a complaint is required to the police along with the copy of an Ecuadorian identity document with photo. If the complaint to the police is not possible, an affidavit will be made at the Consulate (cost € 22.50 euros).


Minors require authorization and presence of both parents at the Consulate to obtain the passport. In case one of them cannot attend the Consulate, a Power of Attorney (POA) is needed. If a parent does not know the whereabouts of the other parent, a proof of the sentence of a judge of the Court of Children and Adolescents is needed. This procedure is carried out in Ecuador.

If a minor born abroad, will obtain the passport for the first time, the Ecuadorian birth registration must be submitted.


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